Participatory Design of a Mobile Digital Storytelling Platform

In 2007, collaborative design efforts began to create a new community media and digital storytelling platform ( that uses ordinary cell phones to advance the community organizing efforts of immigrant workers (see The VozMob Project, 2010). Immigrant workers and organizers, researchers, and software developers participated in the design of the platform, which was recognized with a World Summit Award in 2010.

We carried out a study using participatory research methods to analyze the outcomes of this collaborative design process. The resulting paper, “Mobile Voices: Design as a method to explore the possibilities and limitations of community participation” (written up with my colleagues Charlotte Lapsansky, Carmen Gonzalez, Benjamin Stokes and Francois Bar, with key contributions from the entire VozMob team) was published in the Journal of Mobile Media & Communication in December, 2017. See the authors’ submission copy here.

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